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MALTA ICI SA :: Accueil
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Capital investment
  • Typical seed-level investment range of 100 000€
  • Help with setting up your company in Luxembourg
  • Advance payment of notary fees and administration costs
  • Legal and administrative assistance
  • Guidance through second and expansion rounds
  • Investment hub
Technical investment
  • Technical assessment of your project
  • Technical & E-commerce guidance
  • Master Data Management system available
  • Web hosting & cloud technologies available
  • Developers, graphic & web designers allocated to your project
  • R&D
Incubator services
  • Registration of your head office in Luxembourg
  • Administrative and technical office space available
  • Technical, Marketing & Sales mentoring
  • Coaching services (business model, investors Pitch, communication tools & media, etc.)
  • Creation of your corporate identity (logo, website, SEO, social networks) if needed
  • Administrative & accounting resources available
  • Synergy with other companies in our portfolio