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MALTA ICI SA :: Portfolio


MaPS System SA

Depuis 2012
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MaPS SA is the editor of MaPS SYSTEM, the most complete Multichannel Marketing Master Data Management system on the french market.

The system has already been adopted by numerous major players such as: SWATCH GROUP, MAISONS DU MONDE, BRICO DEPOT, CHAUSSON MATERIAUX, KNAUF BATIMENT, BERGERE DE FRANCE...

MaPS SA was created in October 2011 as the editor of the MaPS System, to finalize the development and create a distributor and integrator network in Europe.

In 2014, MaPS has moved to his new building in FOETZ (Luxembourg)

Medias Talents

Depuis 2010
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Medias Talent offers a complete range of services related to design, creation, production and strategy for  online/offline marketing.